How to Use SnapRun

Usage Method

  • Open

    Order via the app

  • Select
    errand services

    pick up and deliver

    buy for

  • Enter
    the service location

    Note your

    special requirements

  • Order
    and make payment

    Push delivery to you

    Waiting for a driver to pick up the order

  • Driver accepts the order
    Service starts

    Driver comes to your location

    Exclusive personal service

SnapRun Service

Business Presentation

  • 帮取送

    pick up and deliver

    • Documents and certificates、
    • Valuable items、
    • Fresh products、
    • 3C digital products、
    • Keys、
    • Bills and invoices
    • ……
  • 帮买

    Buying on behalf of

    • Daily necessities and household goods,
    • Fresh food and produce,
    • Tobacco and alcohol products,
    • Coffee and tea,
    • Medications,
    • Rice, noodles, and grains.
    • ……
  • 全能帮

    Full-service help

    • UU Cleaning,
    • Help walking dogs,
    • Help cooking,
    • Help with moving and transportation,
    • Help with distributing flyers,
    • And other interesting errands
    • ……
  • 帮排队

    Queueing service

    • Hospital queueing,
    • Restaurant queueing for seats,
    • Queuing for various administrative tasks,
    • Real estate queueing,
    • Queuing for enrollment,
    • Queuing for purchasing hot items
    • ……

SnapRun Quality of service

Service Quality

  • One-on-one personal service
    One-on-one personal service
  • Verified identity secure and dependable
    Verified identity secure and dependable
  • all day
    24-hour rapid response
  • 服务培训热情有礼
    Late delivery guarantee, lost item guarantee, damaged item guarantee

SnapRun Service process

Service Flow

  • Help me deliver

  • Help me pick up

  • Help me purchase

  • All-around helper

  • Help me queue up

  • 联系下单人

    Contact the shipper
    and confirm the pickup location and item specifications.

  • 到达指定地点

    Go to the pickup location
    and take pictures of the item as proof.

  • 联系收货人

    Contact the receiver
    and confirm the delivery location and time.

  • 完成订单

    Go to the delivery location
    and arrive on time to complete the on-site delivery service.